custom machining

There are two major branches in the manufacturing industry: private and industrial. Although there are some similarities between the two, each has its own processes and priorities. As a result, the role of ERP platforms within organizations is naturally different.


In special production, unique products are designed or designed according to the order. The design contains many predictions and assumptions throughout the entire production process until it becomes the final product. For this reason, private manufacturers attach great importance to ERP systems that bring flexibility and agility to them. On the other hand, in industrial production, products are structured to order. Customers can order a stock product and although they have the flexibility to change certain features of the order, they are ultimately limited to a catalog of pre-designed products.

While private manufacturers prioritize flexibility and agility, industrial manufacturers seek operational efficiency. Unlike special productions, where each project is different, industrial manufacturers have the advantage of predictability and repetition throughout the entire process. There are estimates and projections where managers can measure their results and change the course if necessary. These measurements guide the improvement of internal processes and help fully integrate the supply chain.